Solar Eclipse is a personal protection device for anyone that is in threat or near threatening situation/circumstances.

At the core of this wearable device is a powerful burst of light that will temporarily blind an attacker from over 20’, allowing the user to keep a safe distance. Within a minimum of 5 second response time, the user can activate any of the 2 levels of defense.

Level 1: text message sent to specific users that the person may be in danger.

Level 2: Light turns on, text and phone call to someone and alerts authorities.

As a stand-alone device, Solar Eclipse has a built-in audio recorder (for proof of the occurrence) initiates when the burst of light is activated. An multi-colored LED indicates battery life (≈ 4 uses per charge), audio storage capacity, each level of defense, and pairing with smartphone.

The Bluetooth signal links with any smartphone to transmit the alert messages to the user-selected people (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) and provides GPS data for location tracking.