Reading Reflections


The Mental State of an Elite Athlete:

Imagine an important presentation throughout your career. It could be a Thesis, a big business meeting, a special client, we have all felt that pressure of something coming up as well as feeling and hoping everything is going to workout fine. If the case is Thesis, then you want a good grade and recognition, if it is a big business meeting you want to hear the company is going well and if it is this is the feeling a special client you are hoping to close that contract.

    With Elite Athletes, this is the feeling every time they compete, and adding to the pressure you have,  the competitive part where you not only have to if you take my previous suggestion you can delete this perform your best but actually beat the other guy or you are out. This pressure is sometimes treated by a specialized psychologists, but most of the time it is not and a lot of the athletes don't know what to do or who to go to. Some of them get hit so hard by the mental pressure their performance starts to decline. So the big questions is, how to we help improve this issue.


The Training of an Elite Athlete:

    Every sport in the world, every team, every individual has their own way of training. When you get to an Elite Performance Level, (I know this from personal experience and elite athletes friends) you are the best of the best, meaning you probably know YOU better than any coach that comes along the way, but, you do need to keep training and competing with others if you want to stay on the team.

    When competing for a position on a team, athletes show everything they’ve got on the training field, but even when they make it to the team, they still keep training and competing with the girl/guy next to them. This means a lot of people are still getting injured constantly throughout training, some of them so hard, they don't even get to compete at an international level.

    Others who do compete, still have to stay in shape. But the exercise and training sessions are made for the whole team, not specifically designed for 1 athlete. In effect, some athletes have been worn out so badly by such an intensive training, that it is impossible for them to perform at a 100% capacity on competition day. Not only that, it begins affecting their private lives, to a point where they have to stop.

    Finally,let’s talk about the rest. Some of these athletes are so worn out, that they do not have a chance of recovering fast enough for the next training sessions. Rest is the most important requirement for an athlete. He/she won't recover and won't be able to perform at a 100% if he/she does not rest. When you sleep, the body gets rid of the lactic acid in the muscles, which is what makes them tense up and induces protein in order to fix the broken muscle tissue from the training. All this can only happen while you are sleeping (R.E.M. sleep cycle). So, rest is extremely important.


The Nutrition of an Elite Athlete:

Athletes eat, and eat and eat and eat because an Athlete is burning so many calories through the day, his metabolism is incredibly fast. The reason for this is that they is used to training so hard that their body is still recovering from the workout 24 hours later. This means that your body is still burning calories even if they are not working out. That's why their metabolism accelerates itself, because their body is asking for more proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc to recover itself throughout the entire day which explains why they don't gain weight, even with poor eating habits.My argument is that if they would eat healthy, then their performance and recovery would definitely improve.


Smart Clothes for Elite Athletes during Training:

Smart Clothes for Elite athletes is already out there in the Market. From personal investigation and testing, I would have to say that Athos is probably the best one out there. Using smart clothing for training can improve an Athlete's performance to 110%. The tech is already out there, but it has not been applied in a specific way to a specific sport. The Athos smart shirt and pants detect your entire body movements (basically if you lift your arms it maps it out in the app), it can detect your heartbeat, breath, and it separates which body parts you are working out and which ones you are not, which is amazing, a great advancement in tech.this tech could be possibly modified to adapt it to any desired sports. I believe I can help athletes improve their posture, fix their body position when running, swimming, shooting, skiing, etc. by keeping track of muscle tension, and helping athletes prevent injuries.


Smart Clothes for Elite Athletes on a Daily Basis:

The Fundamental Idea of using smart clothes on a daily basis is simply to keep track of whatever it is you want to keep track of. In this case, the idea is to keep a constant tracking of the athletes daily movement and at the end of the day feel a form on the app, which will be linked to your training session smart clothes as well, and create a pattern to know what is it that they are doing when they perform at their highest and what is it that they are doing when they perform at their lowest. It will track how they eat, sleep, walk, play with their kids, breath, heart rate, core temperature and hydration levels. The purpose of this, is for the app to know how they perform every time when they train.


Rehabilitation with Smart Clothing:

There's so much tech out there that is probably impossible to keep track of every single thing that comes out every day. There is technology using smart sensors and arduino coding that is very simple to use yet with the right programming amazing things can be achieved. Much of the technology out there is fairly simple, but when coded, it becomes amazing. Through bending sensors (short flex sensors) you can tell how much something is bent which is a great opportunity to explore rehabilitation methods.  

    When athletes go to rehab, they usually end up wearing a piece of clothing or armor to protect the area that was injured. For example a knee cab or a wristband or a shoulder mount, etc. All these pieces help the athlete get better faster by releasing tension from the affected area on their daily routine. Yet sometimes, athletes fail to follow the doctor's orders, or simply push a little bit too far.

This technology can help improve this! If you make a smart knee brace, then the person in rehabilitation would be able to see how much he can really bend that knee. Better yet, the doctor con see it on the computer and with a vibration sensor, it could warn the athlete to stop bending, stop stretching or stop walking. It would help improve their recovery to a 110%.