Why I chose this Thesis


    Since I can remember I have always been an athlete. I think the reason for it was because I never saw exercising as exercise. Me, my cousins and friends have always done sports we enjoy. So when we went surfing or water skiing it was more like lets go have fun than lets go workout. Then, by the age of 12, we realized we had a sufficient level of performance to compete and thats when it started. For over 20 years I have competed in water skiing (slalom, long jump, trick skiing and wake boarding) and done other sports for fun. When I started my undergrad for architecture, I had to really organize my time on order to keep up my level of performance and practice water skiing while getting good grades. Finally, I started doing my sports as hobbies and started focusing on my professional career with the idea that I will pick it up later when I have more time.

    Now, I am here at SVA and I am trying to workout on gyms and go out for runs or swims just to do something. On the weekends I try to go surfing to New Jersey or Rockaway beach. Not been able to constantly workout on the sports I Love because I am busy, feels like drowning. Not doing one of the things I love the most because I have no time seems unacceptable and this is how my thesis topic came up. I want to find a way to motivate athletes to keep going and get better. I want to find ways to  help people start working out if they don’t and prevent those who do, from stoping. Exploring the athletes life has been amazing and now I think focusing on the athletes mind in all of its aspects will be a great way to synthesize my thesis and finally reach the thesis of my thesis!