Vocabulary Recap

While going over my Vocabulary writing with my peers, they made me realize that I have a lot to cover. All of the words I have been using are straight up from a Sports Psychologist, but they pointed out that I should probably add some athletic vocabulary to explain how athletes communicate and understand concepts. So, I will start working on that and do an update on the vocabulary by the end of this week. 

I also want to point out that while my classes evolve and my projects as well, there will be more stuff to cover and the vocabulary will definitely increase. 4 main topics are been researched right now. First, An EEG headseat for athletes with the purpose of understanding athletes brainwaves when the exercise and focus in order to improve. Second, an app focused on reading this brainwaves and reading pattern in order to help the athlete improve. Third, an experience testing this exercises to increase the athletes focus. Finally, turning all this into a service or business by creating a Mind Fitness Gym. So, as this moves forward, my concepts and vocabulary will evolve with them.