Analyzing the Gaps

    Analyzing the Gaps


43 days away and we are on the home stretch! 6 different classes coming together to create an amazing thesis. I have analyzed all of my projects into three separate parts. First, what am I letting go off. The things I would love to do but there is just enough time. Two, the things that I still need to do that I have been postponing. Finally, the things I will do to make these projects amazing. 


For my Futuring and Speculative design class I am working on a project called Stealth Performance. This is an EEG wearable that tracks your brainwaves throughout your day and training in order to analyze the pattern of your brain function and recommend certain brain fitness exercises to strengthen those areas needed. I would love to make the actual hat with the EEG sensors and code it accordingly to what I need, but due to time, this will be impossible to make. I still need to design a prototype and simulate it works and create a video commercial to “sell” my product. Finally, I will finish the design on the branding and wearable fabric pattern in order to make it work as smooth as possible. 


Steven Deans class finish and I created this service called Stealth Station. This station would be another module inside gyms, yoga centers and meditation centers that you can just go in and do brain fitness exercises. I would love to build a prototype of the station and test it out in a gym, but that would also require the creation of the exercises so I am just gonna let that go. I do need to redesign the station, in rhino and get some renders. Finally I will finish the branding and user journey for this service in order to conclude this project for my thesis. 


I designed an experience called Stealth Mind. It is designed to create a brief feeling of what brain fitness is like. I would have wanted to design this exercises with a Sports Psychologist but I have already assumed that is not going to happen. I do need to lock in some more people for the experience and keep going. I will do a user analysis of how they felt doing the experience in order to transfer this data and convert this experience into a business of brain fitness for high school athletes. I will pitch this idea to some high schools and hopefully get a good result from those interviews. 


Screen Design is a class to create an App. I am designing an app called Stealth Focus that goes together with the Stealth Performance wearable. I would be amazing to spend more time in the graphic design and just try different designs, but, I already acknowledged that that is not happening. I do need to re-define the user journey and maybe add some screens for the simulation of the EEG brainwaves reading. I will finish this app this week and move on to my next project. I’m thinking an AR flying brain where you can see you brainwaves moving. 


Finally for my book. I wish I would’ve interviewed a few more psychologists but it’s no biggy, I have a lot of data. I do need to transfer a few of my interviews to my research chapter. So far, I think I am doing OK here. I just need to sit down and get to writing!