Food Habits. Learning how to eat with family

Sebastian designed this project for families who are interested in learning how to eat healthier together and who enjoy a little competition in order to take part in a healthier lifestyle. Many people don’t eat healthy because they don’t realize what they are eating.

The purpose of this game is to teach both children and parents how to eat better through fun interaction and lighthearted competition. The game comes with a cooking book and guide to healthy eating. Each recipe will list the servings from each food group and it will explain why each recipe is healthy. A player chooses a recipe, and then places magnets on a board that indicates the servings of each food group. The board indicates the ideal number of daily servings per food group. Then, the players cook together, using differently-sized bowls to separate the ingredients by food groups. The size of the bowl represents how many servings the player should eat each day. Finally, after each day, family members follow their progress and see what they need to eat more or less of, thus creating awareness among family members. If a player doesn’t complete the correct number of servings, he or she receive a red score. Alternatively, if a player consumes the servings correctly, he or she gets a green score. At the end of the week, the player who has more green days wins.