I created this concept map to understand the systems around the athlete. This way, every aspect of the athletes surroundings can be analyzed to create products in order to help the athlete improve in very different aspects. 

Focus Pocus was designed to help athletes with their Visualization Skills. This device block your eyesight and you hearing allowing the athlete to focus on what he/she has to do in competition or training. It has headphones included with the purpose having specific music to help the athletes focus and follow meditation and visualization exercises. 

Elite Athlete App is not like every other sports app. Inspired by muscle readings within each type of exercise, this app analyzes the muscle used for a specific sport and creates a specific routine for the athlete so that he/she can improve specifically in their own sport. 

REHAB GLOVE is a therapy device used for injuried athletes. It is a concept made to keep doing therapy at home. Though flex sensors tracking, you can follow your excercises from an app sending all your progress to your therapyst. If we apply this technology to the rest of the body, we can rehabilitate any part of the body. It It could add vibration sensor to limit movemoent. For example, if you have a knee injury, your therapist could set up your knee brace to bend to a certain angle and then a vibration would let you know you have reached that angle to avoid further injuries. 

Thee Problem is...
That not all teams orindividual athletes can affordto have a team of specialistssupporting them through theirtraining. Therefore it is extremely hard to reach the elite level without the appropriate counseling and training.

This Service Focuses...
On making the elite, better, by analyzing the athletes way of life, routines, training, rest, psychology and injuries and guiding them to improve.

This center...
Through a team of specialists in sportsand elite performance will guide any elite athlete to a achieve their goals and push themselves to the limit by analyzing everything around the athlete’s life routines and training routines.

This Consultancy is...

Created to help athletes.

Elite Consultancy will assemble a team of specialists in each area. (personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, physiotherapists and physiologists)

This team is capable of analyzing and aspect of the athlete, find patterns and help them improve.