Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect from the world in order to reconnect. Meditation is one of the ways to do it, although, sometimes it is hard to do it when you are at work, school or any place that you do not have your calm spot where you usually meditate.

Unplugged was designed as a meditation device for people to focus and meditate regardless of where they are. The device itself blocks your two most powerful senses, sight and hearing. While these two senses are being blocked, it allows the user to focus on his or her meditation without any distractions. The device has speakers built in in case the user wants to do guided meditations.

On the other hand, the device comes with an app. This app has 3 main uses. The first use is audio or text recording. The user can record his/hers experiences and meditation observations. This way the user can keep a diary of his/her feelings and look for improvement’s. The second part of the app has guided meditations for beginners all the way to experts. Finally, a breathing exercise in order to calm down at a moment of stress and back to work fresh and relaxed.