This took is a multi-faceted kit for children. It is made of wood painted three different colors and cut in three different measurements. Children can use this tool for drawing, playing, building, designing or any other creative activity they may have in mind.

Children are in an essential stage of brain development and nowadays they find themselves behind computers all day, not taking advantage of their dexterity. Children need to complement their technological education with physical stimulation such as drawing, building and other hands-on activities that develop their brains and contribute towards their maturity. The purpose of this project is to provide children with a tool to do just that.

This kit has many facets—you can transform it into a compass or a ruler, draw with different colors, and build different shapes. Additionally, since it comes in different measurements, children have the opportunity to learn how to design tools and how to understand the idea of measurements and space. This contributes towards their development of creativity and their perception of space.